Why Improv?

Improvisation is an inclusive, exciting, accessible Arts practice that is based around group work and positivity. Improv has been empirically shown to support peoples in trauma and disaffection, from applications to interview preparedness to minimising likelihoods into addiction relapses and improving family relations and productive risk-taking (Spring, 2013; Ramseur & Weiner, 2003).

What do we work on?

Fun – We want everyone to play, laugh and have fun! Humour is a wonderful tool for building resilience, creating community and relieving stress.

Silliness – Being “silly” in front of a group of people can be a confronting and rewarding experience. We aim to help participants let go of their judgements and expectations, and explore freely.

Presence – This is all about building confidence, working on voice and physicality, and exploring how your presentation can affect the way you feel. We look at your status and relationship to others and your environment, as well as how to stay grounded through breath.

Failure – Failure is not a dirty word! We want to let go of our fear of failure, and practice expressing ourselves in a supportive, positive group setting.

Control – Letting go of control and trusting others is an exercise in vulnerability. We want to explore different ways to give, and take, focus and control.

Divergent Thinking – We practice moving our train of thought, generating many different ideas, problem solving and how to avoid getting stuck with one idea.


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